Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1: What is HRIS/ ESS?

A: HRIS/ ESS stands for Human Resource Information System/ Employees Self Services.

It is an electronic solution developed by the team of HR Department for all the important HR functions of Ummal Qura Co., which ensure establishment of the two ways efficient and online communication between the applicants and the subsequent management for their various requests for approvals.

Key features incudes: applying online, online applications tracking, online updates, online approvals, log maintenance of each activity, safe and secure, controlled routing to the concerned officials/ departments in accordance with the defined flows. A practical step towards the paperless & hassle-free environment thus minimizing the cost and time required for all the above mentioned activities now being handled through all the available smart devices, at the comfort of handling while at home or traveling, or in case of emergency situtations… etc.

Q2: How Can I give my Suggestion/Feedback on HRIS/ESS system?

A: You can fill the form, on this link, available on right-hand-side and press “Submit”.

Q3: When will the other features/options be available?

A: The other options shall be available soon (one by one), and the users shall be notified through their given emails.

Q4: Can I access HRIS from my mobile/ tablet?

A: Yes. HRIS/ESS portal is conveniently accessible through most of the devices (i.e. Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones).

Q5: Can I forward my request from home / any time?

A: Yes, the HRIS/ESS system is accessible throughout the world, wherever you are and whatever time it is.

Q6: What is the procedure for substitute consent?

A: The nominated substitute staff shall be notified through his/her email, and he/she will write his consent through the system. The application will then be forwarded to HR automatically i.e. after the approval of concerned HoD and Substitute’s consent.

Q7: How can I know the status/result of my application?

A: You can check the status of your application Online by accessing “Approval Status” option of the portal and/or will be notified through email wherever necessary.

Q8: If some approving authority is on Leave/ Out of the Kingdom; who will approve my request?

A: The official designee will be assigned as per directives of the management, in case the approving authority is unable to access the Online system which is available all over the world.

Q9: I do not have substitute for my application?

A: Principally Substitute is necessary to be nominated by the applicant. In case of a position where there is no physical availability of a substitute, then the user can select “Substitute Not available” option from the dropdown menu and thereafter the management shall decide about the nomination of its substitute/ solution.

Q10: My internet connection is slow, Will HRIS/ESS work on this?

A: Yes, HRIS/ESS works on even low bandwidth connections.

Q11: I want to cancel/ amend my submitted application, what is the process for this?

A: You cannot change your application once it has been submitted, you should call our Hotline 012-5974454 for necessary action/ support (within 24 hours) and please do not try to submit another application.

Q12: Does this HRIS/ESS supports bilingual (Arabica and English) options?

A: All the forms have basic bilingual support; yet you can enter details of your application either in English or in Arabic language.

Q13: For Technical support, which department I have to contact to?

A: You can contact HR department for any query related to this HRIS/ESS portal.

Q14: Do HRIS/ESS portal maintains a log of my online applications /activity or history?

A: Yes, The log will be maintained and statistics will be available to the Management.

Q15: Kindly clarify the protocol with regard to the processing of any request/application?

a) Options functionality is determined (at any time) by checking whether certain option is active or inactive. 

b) Procedure of using the Options shall be available on the portal as soon as it is turned active.

Noted: Functionality of other options shall be available soon (one by one) and a formal intimation shall be sent to all the relevant users.

Q16: Please clarify whether HOD can access only his department or can access other than his own?

A: All the applicants can see their application status  whatever the request they have submitted. Whereas, HoDs shall also be notified through emails wherever its necessary.

Q17 : Please clarify if HOD is supervising two departments, what will be the protocol of availing the service’s on HRIS?

A: Only one User account has been allocated to each HoD; in case of assignment of additional responsibilities, temporary access to respective account shall be enabled after following the due approval protocol.

Q18: How much will be the response time to any of the request- general in nature?

A: Standard Processing times may vary from case to case (Normal / Emergency). The detailed “Turn Around Time” has been submitted to the management for its approval.

Q19: Is there an option to submit any objection against a whole department’s employees and/or workers (multiple-more than one name)??

A: You can use report a violation tool under Misc menu or just follow this link You can particularly nominate a person / head of the department and generally mention other staff names in the description of this request.

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